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Mike Gabriel (71):
      Continue development...
      grammar fix in changelog
      drop python-x2go.postinst scripts
      remove bashisms from postinst/postrm scripts
      /debian/x2gobroker-daemon.postinst: Fix home path for user x2gobroker. (Fixes: #127).
      post-commit fix for #127
      changelog entry for last commits
      /debian/*.default: Be more explanatory about the X2GOBROKER_DEBUG option and allow
      Rewrite empty user parameter in session profile. Fill in the UID that has been used for broker authentication.
      rotate order of logging message, make sure the application header gets shown in the log output on
interactive x2gobroker execution
      draft for SSH pub/priv key based auto-starting sessions
      fix unfinished agent call
      rename specifiers for cookie authentication system, not in use, yet
      line lenght fix
      line lenght fix(2)
      more about authid to cookie-auth renaming
      more about authid to cookie-auth renaming(2)
      fixes in x2gobroker for the session auto-start feature
      more session auto-start fixes
      more session auto-start fixes (x2gobroker-agent)
      the remote agent is also required for non-loadbalancing session profiles
      change parameter names of genkeypair(): reflect the actual situation better
      get_session_autostart() has to return boolean values
      follow-up fix for last commit
      boolean values do not have a .lower() method
      omitting from= in authorized_keys file
      fix sshd_config hack description in x2gobroker.conf
      fixup for failing tests, related to earlier class renamings
      more testing on the session autostart feature
      rename session autostart to session autologin, use same terminology as in X2Go Client
      make selectsession task more robust if there are broker session infos in the X2Go session DB
      use sed to delete authorized keys from file
      implement deletion of authorized_keys
      Implement session autologin feature (earlier commits). /debian/control: Dependency for
python-x2gobroker: python-gevent.
      add some debug logfile output
      import logger_broker in agent.py
      typo fix
      syntax fix
      implement delayed function execution/spawning without gevent (doesn't work with gevent)
      replace time with gevent in import section
      add missing import, fix typo in debug message
      be less strict with python and dpkg-dev build-dependencies to allow building against Ubuntu lucid
      daemonized delayed_execution thread
      fix missing function call args
      parially undo fdfc849b6c698e4008356fc4b35c206d7fceb73c
      simplify sanity checks in addauthkey/delauthkey function of x2gobroker agent
      make sure no empty lines remain in authorized_keys files
      comment out authkey removal for now
      If X2Go Session Broker's PAM Auth Service is not available, try to fallback to direct PAM authentication
(only works if x2gobroker runs as super-user root).
      Switch from webpy to using tornado as http engine.
      fix listen statement
      use tornado terminology in get/post methods
      Revert "use tornado terminology in get/post methods"
      Divert tornado log requests into the broker's logger instances.
      fix log request diversion
      fix --bind cmdline option
      try fixing delayed execution...
      fixed delayed execution of agent.delete_authorize_key()
      partially revert ff5809f40d1735d77dc0f97936934c0f9927f433
      allow absence of port number in remote_agent dict
      fix x2gobroker-agent delkey task
      re-enable key deletion in base_broker.py
      fix logging
      parameter detection will not raise AttributeErrors anymore since we switched to tornado
      fix auth-mech and agent-query-mode detection
      only generate http headers on GET method requests
      Add workaround to handle bug #138 in x2goclient.
      Revert "Add workaround to handle bug #138 in x2goclient."
      Add workaround to handle bug #138 in x2goclient.
      add closure for #134