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Mike Gabriel (52):
      Continue development...
      /debian/control: Fix --root parameter in DEB_PYTHON_INSTALL_ARGS.
      Add WSGI support to X2Go Session Broker. Allows plugging into Apache2 by using the mod_wsgi module.
      fix x2gobroker-wsgi.install
      Properly remove the X2Go Session broker log files on package purgal.
      fix creation of x2gobroker's home dir
      remove -x from shell script
      For sessions profiles with autologin enable, add a dummy key session profile parameter that triggers key
based auth in X2Go Client. (Fixes: #154).
      Fix hard-coded path to x2gobroker's authservice socket.
      throw a 404 if broker backend cannot be found (plain webui)
      throw a 404 if broker backend cannot be found (html webui)
      postrm script for x2gobroker-authservice
      Add Apache2 configuration for WSGI support that shows how to setup a VirtualHost for X2Go Session Broker.
      Let bin:package x2gobroker-authservice create x2gouser:x2gouser, as well. (Fixes: #171).
      /debian/control: Let bin:package x2gobroker-authservice depend on python-x2gobroker (of the same
version). (Fixes: #170).
      Separate logging logic of x2gobroker-authservice from the rest of the logging in x2gobroker. (Fixes: #172).
      follow-up fix for last commit
      x2gobroker-pubkeyauthorizer: no logging-to-file support anymore (Fixes: #175).
      Fix name of get() for /pubkeys/ URL path. (Fixes: #176).
      fix changelog entry
      return empty page instead of 404 if no pubkeys for x2gobroker exist, fix args+kwargs in get() method
      add more debug messages to authservice
      Move AuthService server code fully into x2gobroker-authservice daemon script.
      Add forgotten file: x2gobroker-authservice-logger.conf. (Fixes: #180).
      install x2gobroker-authservice-logger.conf into x2gobroker-authservice package
      avoid binaries-have-file-conflict lintian issue
      add dependency on adduser for x2gobroker-authservice
      allow trailing slash in /pubkeys/ URL
      Add script: x2gobroker-testauth.
      some nice cosmetics on x2gobroker-testauth
      mention Tornado instead of Web.py in x2gobroker man page
      fix comment text
      add man page for x2gobroker-testauth
      import pwd and grp classes in x2gobroker-authservice
      mark missing log output with a FIXME in authservice.py
      return 405 instead of 404 if method is not allowed (html webui)
      return 405 instead of 404 if method is not allowed (plaintext webui)
      fix exception call, add debug message when authentication is requested
      make --debug cmdline option work in x2gobroker-testauth
      Add enable()/disable() methods to broker backends.
      Move complete authservice logic into x2gobroker-authservice script.
      fix pam_authmech.py
      Add cmd and directrdp session profile parameters to defaults.
      Fix wrong usage of session option »cmd«, has to be »command«.
      missing comma in test_broker_inifile.py
      add directrdp to session profiles defaults
      fix dependency set of x2gobroker-wsgi
      enable WSGIPassthrough in x2gobroker-wsgi.apache.conf
      fix test_broker_base.py
      enable BR tests in test unit
      remove debug output

Mike gabriel (1):
      fiddle with the packaging on Ubuntu lucid: the python-x2gobroker package does not contain any module files



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