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Subject: x2gothinclient.git - (annotated tag) created:
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Date: Friday 19th July 2013 21:53:02 UTC (over 3 years ago)
The annotated tag, has been created
        at  82d0f1a2a4c45b40e76ce98d2b8ad8b28e7aad56 (tag)
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 tagged by  Mike Gabriel
        on  Fri Jul 19 23:36:28 2013 +0200

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Upstream version
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Mike Gabriel (117):
      When X2Go TCE has plymouth installed, make sure pressing the halt
button does not change to the wrong tty.
      continue development, version increment...
      update management README file
      Truncate echo output lines to less than 80 chars.
      Use sed to patch initramfs configuration (rather than a patch that
fails on wheezy). The change is needed for squeeze only.
      Fix x2go_tce_shell.sh script, escape braces.
      Change method of mounting /proc, /sys and /dev inside of chroots.
      Next upstream version will be Step towards wheezy. Also:
enable plymouth boot splash.
      typo fix
      Symlink /etc/mtab to /proc/mounts before installing any kernel during
the chroot creation process.
      Handle /etc/fstab in TCE chroot differently for squeeze and wheezy
(/dev/pts does not need an entry in fstab on wheezy systems, /var/run got
relocated to /run).
      drop /run/lock as mountpoint on wheezy TCEs
      /etc/network/interfaces in wheezy already contains a loopback device
      Cleanly unmount --bind mounts in case there are more than one.
      Allow thin client management (x2gothinclient_shell,
x2gothinclient_upgrade) while thin clients are in use.
      fix for commit 50ac97e71bbbfef035df648e3fef4e5ddc0369cd
      Disable kms for radeon and i915 graphics adapters.
      fix unmounting of proc, sys and dev
      x2gothinclient_shell now does not affect boot behavious of the TCE
machines anymore, thus, removing the notification output when launching the
X2Go TCE maintenance shell.
      Mount proc and sysfs from outside chroot, cleanly unmount both in
case there are more than one mountpoints for sysfs or proc mounted.
      Drop i686 kernel support, use i486 kernel by default. In Debian
wheezy we only find a 686-pae kernel which fails on some (virtual) hardware
(e.g. virtualbox).
      Do not fail if proc or sysfs are already mounted within chroot.
      Make sure that kernel + initrd symlinks are relative symlinks.
      Remove /etc/hostname, whithout the file, the hostname gets set during
PXE boot.
      fix modesetting for i915 and radeon chipsets
      Keep mounts for /proc and /dev/pts with option noauto for mounting
inside of chroot. They are not needed during TCE boot.
      Make the SSH daemon listen on IPv4 localhost address only.
      whitespace fix
      Provide /dev/pts inside chroot.
      x2gothinlient_shell: typo fix
      Move configuration template from /usr/share/tce to
      Add direct FreeRDP support for defaults TCE installation.
      no x-bit on svg files, whitespace cleanup
      Start with US keyboard as default keyboard layout.
      Only mount /proc, /sys, /dev/pts inside chroot if not already
      Xorg appears as /usr/bin/X in ps ax output. Make sure it gets
      Revert "Remove /etc/hostname, whithout the file, the hostname gets
set during PXE boot."
      Provide a README.hostname file in doc folder of
      fix typos in x2gothinclient_shell
      /debian/control: Priority: optional.
      Maintainer change in package: X2Go Developers
      /debian/control: fix typo in longdescs
      For TCE stations with multiple heads, align heads next to each other
in order of appearance in xrandr.
      Add dependency (x2gothinclient bin:package): x11-xserver-utils (for
xrandr support).
      /debian/x2gothinclient.examples: Fix src location of example config
      changelog long-line-wrap
      Bump Standards to 3.9.3 (no changes needed).
      changelog fix
      /debian/x2gothinclientmanagement.manpages: Make sure all man pages
for bin:package x2gothinclientmanagement get installed into package.
      Fix multi-head detection failures where xrandr write output to stderr
(closes upstream issue #48).
      fix typo
      Rename x2goclient user to ,,x2gothinclient'' user (system user
account). Make sure that the system user account gets created during
x2gothinclient_create and during installation of the x2gothinclient package
(closes upstream issue #47).
      add forgotten files
      /debian/x2gothinclient.init: Update pointer to X2Go TCE documentation
on http://wiki.x2go.org.
      typo fix
      _do_ create home dir via x2gothinclient_create script
      Add dependency (x2gousbmount, x2gocdmanager):
      x2gothinclient_create: replace /home by /var/lib/x2gothinclient in
/etc/fstab template.
      fix shell of x2gothinclient user, has to be /bin/bash
      remove redundant echo output from init script
      Add empty known_host file for FreeRDP.
      x2gothinclient_update: make sure config target folders exist.
      make x2gothinclient_init more robust
      Use expand_file from File::Path::Expand to detect full path of
      x2gothinclient_create: syntax fix, spotted by Thomas G├╝ttler (Fixes:
      Export de_DE.UTF-8 and  to TCE daemon.
      Launch X2Go TCE via /etc/X11/default-display-manager. Add debconf
template to handle default display manager selection. Inspired by Debian's
gdm package.
      Use po-debconf for translating debconf templates. Add German debconf
      fix tab indentations
      fix wiki URL in init script
      Install TCE config files into /etc/x2go by default.
      fix default daemon check in init script
      move plymout to Recommends: rather than Depends:
      /debian/control: fix long descriptions, remove plymouth from Depends:
      move plymouth to Suggests: even
      fix expand_filename call in x2gothinclientd
      use lsb init functions for x2gocdmanager
      fix tab indentations
      fix x2gothincient.postinst: was still referring to user x2goclient
      no need to manually stop x2gothinclientd in prerm, debhelper handles
      Only start X2Go CD Manager if x2gothinclientd is the default display
      Use qx instead of open3 to launch x2goclient. (Fixes: #66).
      Only make x2gousbmount and x2gognupgccid scripts functional if
x2gothinclientd is running.
      fix testing for default display manager
      /debian/x2gothinclient.postrm: On action=purge, wait for 20s until
x2gothinclientd has stopped.
      syntax fix
      fixing two syntax issues
      fix checks for running x2gothinclientd
      use --retry instead of some complex time construct in postrm
      When finishing x2gothinclientd, wait when killing processes till all
processes have vanished. Only kill processes owned by user x2gothinclient.
      When finishing x2gothinclientd, make sure no dbus-* processes remain.
      add --oknodo to start-stop-daemon when stopping services
      install pulseaudio first, then x2gothinclient
      Xorg runs as root...
      Unmount /proc, /sys and /dev/pts before doing x2gothinclient_cleanup.
      no i686 kernel anymore
      replace blanks by tabs, use more quotes
      fix URL to the TCE HowTo on wiki.x2go.org
      Add README.qemu that explains how to test the X2Go TCE with qemu.
(Fixes: #115).
      add README.howto into x2gothinclientmanagement bin:package
      follow-up commit for f3cba4107, add README.qemu
      fix creation of x2gothinclient user during x2gothinclient_create
      add symbolic link for etc folder that x2gothinclient and
x2gothinclientmanagement/share/ have in common
      add broker example for x2gothinclient
      some more/better quoting for security reasons
      make the x2go_tce_create.sh script (executed inside the chroot during
creation) repeatable
      Fix code that turns absolute symlinks into relative symlink for
/vmlinuz and /initrd.img.
      show howto debug a QEMU TCE instance via the vc serial of QEMU
      Fix shutdown button failures.
      TCE management: Do an apt-get clean after TCE creation/upgrade.
      TCE creation: fix installation path of FreeRDP's known_hosts file.
      Remove TCE tools (vim, mc, ...) from Recommends: field, install those
via x2gothinclient_create. Add pulseaudio, dbus-x11, policykit-1 to
Depends: field.
      TCE creation: install the TCE from the nightly builds while this
project is not yet released. (Fixes: #251).
      TCE creation: default to wheezy for creating new TCE environments.

Oleksandr Shneyder (1):
      modified x2gothinclientd to find /var/lib/x2goclient/.halt


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