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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Daniel Lindgren (1):
      Swedish translation update.

Ezra Buehler (1):
      Fix auto-resume when session type is »Single Application«. (Fixes: #183).

Mike Gabriel (36):
      Continue development...
      add closure of bug #151
      fix name of X2Go Client
      changelog cleanup
      If a priv SSH key has been specified, skip the autologin procedure. Let's consider a given SSH private key
that fails to log the user in as an overall login failure. (Fixes: 141).
      adapt packaging from latest x2goclient package in Debian
      debian/upstream/changelog does not exist in our upstream packages
      fix upstream version in changelog
      typo fix in changelog
      typo fix in changelog
      whitespace removed
      add changelog entry for the new parsable stdout+stderr output style
      Fix detection of maximum screen area available for a session. (Fixes: #165).
      Use the session icon as tray icon, pop up notification bubble that informs about current session actions.
(Fixes: #177).
      Enable full access desktop sharing across user accounts.
      Avoid multiple selectUserSession requests when in broker mode.
      Properly set the remote server address received via selectUserSession method when in broker mode.
(Fixes: #226).
      Fix segmentation fault that started occurring since the custom trayIcon patch was applied. Segfault only
occurred if the tray icon was not used.
      Show session name in notification bubbles.
      rebuild i18n files
      Update German translation.
      fix some de_DE strings
      Allow for setting maximum available desktop size as window size via the session profile card.
Unfortunately, this feature is for now only available on Linux. (Fixes: #214).
      Add cmdline option --broker-autologoff: Enforce re-authentication against X2Go Session Broker after a
session has been suspended or terminated. (Fixes: #179).
      add whitespace after colon in notification bubble
      Revert "Enable full access desktop sharing across user accounts."
      Enable full access desktop sharing across user accounts. (Fixes: #222).
      Call ssh_clean_pubkey_hash() for deallocating public key hashes instead of just calling free().
Required under MS Windows as documented in libssh2 API. (Fixes: #243). (For further details see: http://api.libssh.org/master/group__libssh__session.html).
      Provide bin:package with debug symbols for X2Go Client. (Fixes: #255).
      only package debug symbols for x2goclient
      /debian/changelog: fix too-long-line
      changelog fix
      Make X2Go Client aware of the MATE desktop environment.
      Make X2Go Client work in SSH broker mode without the need of a auth-id file.
      provide Finnish translation files

Nicolai Hansen (1):
      Update Danish translation file.

Oleksandr Shneyder (4):
      Use "" instead of localhost to avoid wrong IPv6 hostname resolution
      waiting for x2gocmdexitmessage to return before closing in hidden mode
      Support for published applications in X2Go Plugin
      Support for "shadow" mode in X2Go Plugin

Orion Poplawski (1):
      Instead of using a hard-code DPI of 96, use local DPI settings for new sessions if not explicitly set in
session profile (Fixes: #164).

Otto Kjell (1):
      Enable debug mode through cmd line parameter. (Fixes: #142).

Ricardo Díaz Martín (1):
      Update Spanish translation file.

Terje Andersen (1):
      Update Norwegian Bokmaal translation file.



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