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- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Mike Gabriel (78):
      added upstream version number
      Debian changelog entry for new upstream versioning scheme
      FSF address update
      whitespace cleanup, happy new year 2011
      adds VCS information to control file
      renames dh install scripts
      adds x2goversion support
      updates changelog, nano version increment
      Add gnome-menus as dependency.
      * Preparing for new upstream version (
      add some copyright headers where missing...
      Now fully use debhelper for packaging. Reduced linitian issues nearly completely (still open:
old-format-menu-file /usr/share/menu/x2gognomebindings).
      fix auto-configure, config.sub and config.guess were missing
      fix for debian-changelog-line-too-long
      Remove XDG menu item, not needed for GNOME specific package.
      Use source format 3.0 (native).
      Add linitian-overrides an man pages to package.
      newline at EOF fix
      re-added x2gosuspend xdg-menu item (now that I have understood the mechanism...)
      Add simple man page for x2gonautilus.
      changelog fix
      Place x2go-suspend.desktop icon in GNOME Network submenu.
      forgot to add x2gonautilus man page
      Define unique MIME name spaces for X2go SSHFS GNOME icons.
      Rename sshfs.xml to sshfs-x2go-gnome.xml.
      Use desktop icon names that contain the name of the desktop session. Depend on x2goserver (>=
      x2goserver dependency version fix
      rename of desktop icons(2)
      Allow blanks in desktop icon names.
      Provide more GNOME'ish way to derive icon path name from GNOME object URI.
      Let x2goumount-session-gnome be able to handle icons with blanks in their name.
      version increment
      release, rework changelog
      Continue development, increment version.
      Apply implicit.diff patch from Jan Engelhardt (OpenSUSE).
      Add x2gofeature support (feature provided: X2GO_GNOME2BINDINGS).
      Add x2gofeature support (feature provided: X2GO_GNOMEBINDINGS).
      fix wrong path for x2gofeature.d directory
      Continue development...
      Let GNOME sessions started via X2Go ignore GNOME's monitor settings in ~/.config/monitors.xml.
      Depend on x2goserver (>= Earlier versions have a bug in x2goruncommand that let's execution of
X2Go server extensions fail.
      re-arrange package names in control file
      Continue development...
      typo fix
      Depend on desktop-file-utils (postinst uses script ,,update-desktop-database'').
      Make sure we run fusermount from within a directory that the user has read access to.
      drop ENV{'TMP'}, directly address /tmp
      Continue development...
      Maintainer change in package: X2Go Developers <x2go-dev <at> lists.berlios.de>.
      /debian/control: Priorty: optional.
      typo fix
      /debian/control: fix typo in longdescs
      This package is a GNOME2-only package, so conflicting with gnome-session (>= 3).
      add closes #10 statement to changelog
      explain GNOME-2 vs. GNOME-3 usage of x2gognomebindings
      add explicit dependency on gnome-session (<< 3)
      rewrite bug closures from Closes: <nnn> -> Fixes: <nnn>
      Continue development (for GNOMEv2 and MATE).
      MATE: Initial upstream version ( - Starting x2gomatebindings as a fork of x2gognomebindings.
      remove build-cruft
      fix FTBFS et al
      remove build cruft
      Properly clean up .deb package.
      run dh_auto_clean first, then remove remaining files
      remove build cruft
      Do not ship the .la file in the .deb package. See: http://wiki.debian.org/ReleaseGoals/LAFileRemoval.
      /debian/control: Drop B-D: libgnomevfs2-dev.
      more clean up after build
      fix displaying MIME type icons for desktop links to shared folders
      fix menu update in prerm script
      Use x2goumount-session to unmount shared folders.
      allow folders containing blanks
      Add B-D: libgconf2-dev.

Moritz Morty StrĂ¼be (1):
      Housekeeping + Typos

Oleksandr Shneyder (1):
      Imported x2gognomebindings_2.0.1-1

Reinhard Tartler (12):
      add intltool to build depends
      don't link .la file
      cleanups in debian/rules
      add ${shlibs:depends}
      properly clean in po/ as well
      add pkg-config to build dependencies
      remove broken hack for natilus-2.0 extensions from postinst
      remove cruft
      update homepage field
      convert to multiline, single item fields
      sort alphabetically
      update section



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