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Upstream version
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Kenneth Pedersen (1):
      Color depth detection: Stop using win32api.GetSystemMetrics(2) which actually returns the width of a
vertical scroll bar in pixels. Instead, create a screen display context and query it for the color depth.
(Fixes: #330).

Mike Gabriel (42):
      Continue development...
      Agent channels in Paramiko can raise an EOFError if the connection has got disrupted. Ignoring this.
      Store the session password in base64 encoded string in order to make  it harder spotting the long term stored
(for the duration of the session) plain text password.
      Support encryption passphrases on SSH private key files.
      Support encryption passphrases on SSH private key files (X2Go SSH connections as well as SSH proxy connections).
      fine-tuning SSH proxy auth
      Invalidate SSH private keys (filename, pkey object) when look_for_keys is requested.
      change from empty string to None as default values
      slightly modify exception messages
      Keep private key information even if force_password_auth is set in the control session's connect() method.
      Fix parameter handling in X2GoSession.connect().
      Rewrite passwords that are not string/unicode to an empty string.
      No Unicode chars in log messages. Eliminated one more in checkhosts.py.
      Implement two-factor authentication.
      Handle echoing ~/.*shrc files gracefully via SSH client connections. Do not allow data injections via
~/.*shrc files. (Fixes: #335).
      Properly handle (=expand) the "~" character in key filenames. (Brought to attention by Eldamir on IRC. Thanks!).
      fix for last commit
      Differentiate between desktop sharing errors and desktop sharing access that gets denied by the
other/remote user.
      Report about found session window / session window retitling in debug mode.
      Fix session window detection when local session manager is the i3 session manager (which uses
      Check for pulse cookie file in old (~/.pulse-cookie) and new (~/.config/pulse/cookie) location.
      debian/source/format: Switch to format 1.0.
      change versioning scheme
      Import python-x2go-py3.patch from Fedora. Thanks to Orion!!!
      Ship python-x2go.spec (RPM package definitions) in upstream project. (Thanks to the Fedora package maintainers).
      improve python-x2go.spec: LDAP support is deprecated and replaced by session broker, build for HEAD,
python-x2go-py3.patch is already applied upstream
      Improve setup.py script: make it run with Python3 and older Python2 versions.
      debian/changelog: wrap too-long lines
      typo fix
      make sure our RPM package version is lower than a package version from EPEL
      python-x2go.spec: Drop dependency on python-cups.
      Clear (Fedora package) changelog.
      whitespace fix
      Fix tests for two-factor authentication in control session and SSH proxy code.
      Fix regression: Make password logins with PyHoca-CLI succeed again.
      Make channel compression to all authentication methods.
      Set keepalive on proxy channel.
      fix for previous+1 commit
      Only use [<host>]:<port> if <port> is not 22.
      Handle host key checks for hosts that do not have a port specified.
      happy new year

Orion Poplawski (1):
      debian/control: Drop python-cups from Depends: field. Python CUPS is no dependency if Python X2Go.
(Fixes: #329).