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Upstream version
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Daniel Lindgren (1):
      Update Swedish translation.

Mike Gabriel (41):
      Continue development...
      /debian/copyright: Update file. Add entry for file icon2exe.py.
      Make notifications more robust.
      Add support for encrypted/locked/passphrase-protected SSH private key files.
      remove debug code
      Only show notifications if there really is something to show.
      Support encrypted on SSH proxy whith password authentication on X2Go Server.
      Implement two-factor authentication.
      Don't crash if no notification-daemon provide is registered in DBUS. (Fixes: #321).
      Become aware of new Python X2Go hook method (HOOK_on_failing_SFTP_client).
      Recommend mate-notification-daemon (or notification-daemon as fallback).
      update i18n files
      Become aware of new Python X2Go hook method (HOOK_desktop_sharing_denied).
      drop unneeded import
      Connect to sharable desktop session when selecting the session display with double click from the list of
available desktop sessions.
      Allow for full path taskbar icon names, resolve tilde char in icon file path.
      Resolve tilde char in file path of the about image.
      fix default icon name in PyHoca_AboutFrame class constructor
      Allow multiple PyHoca-GUI instances for the same user, one per :0.
      fix for commit 623aa9c
      Allow for full path about image icon names, resolve tilde char in icon file path.
      Resolve tilde char in base directories for the PyHoca-GUI application.
      more fixes for about image path
      Resolve tilde char in file path of the splash image.
      re-arrange changelog lines
      fix fallback about image
      Resolve tilde char in session icon names.
      Fix termination of published application sessions.
      Initialize thisPyHocaGUI instance as NoneType object before starting the wxApplication.
      Slight notification layout change for HOOK_on_control_session_death() method.
      add passphrase.py to POTFILES.in
      update i18n files
      Update German and English translation.
      debian/source/format: Switch to format 1.0.
      change version scheme of X2Go auto-built packages
      pyhoca-gui.spec: Ship pyhoca-gui.spec (RPM package definitions) in upstream project. (Thanks to the
Fedora package maintainers).
      When installing icons via setup.py, let's use the copied icons rather than the icon set from
icons_symlinked. That assures that really all icons are present. (The icons_symlinked folder is rather
Debianic and not appropriate for non-Debian derived distributions).
      Add to BR: python-argparse, python-cups.
      Fix regression: Make password logins with PyHoca-CLI succeed again.
      Revert "Fix regression: Make password logins with PyHoca-CLI succeed again."

Ricardo Díaz Martín (2):
      Update Spanish translation.
      complete Spanish translation



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