merc1984 | 2 Jan 17:25 2013

Re: PyHoca Issues

OK it seems that I am doing New Science.  No one can help.

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Anyone home?

On Mon, Dec 24, 2012, at 9:27, [2]merc1984@... wrote:

Couple issues fellers:

I have PyHoca set to Log In Automatically and Start New Session

Automatically, but it is doing neither when I start it.

Also when I tell PyHoca to connect to one server it always always says,

"The authenticity of host [hex] can't be established.  Are you sure you

want to continue connecting?"    When I ssh to this host it always asks

the same thing.  Why is the system never put it in known_hosts?  My

other x2go system doesn't have this problem.


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