merc1984 | 3 Jan 17:48 2013

Re: PyHoca Issues

On Wed, Jan 2, 2013, at 22:51, Mike Gabriel wrote:

  Also when I tell PyHoca to connect to one server it always always

"The authenticity of host [hex] can't be established.  Are you sure you

want to continue connecting?"    When I ssh to this host it always asks

the same thing.  Why is the system never put it in known_hosts?  My

other x2go system doesn't have this problem.

> I also have this issue from time to time with several hosts. My

> is that it is related to some entry in known_hosts. Does the issue

> away with an empty known_hosts file? Of course, this is not a

> solution. I am just curious, if it helps.

I set aside the regular known_hosts and let it create another as I
sshed over in terminal.  Then I tried pyhoca again and it still does

I do notice though, that its message says RSA key.  Well I don't have
any SSH RSA keys, only DSA and ECDSA.  Maybe that's a clue.

On the other system (which always connects fine) I set aside my
known_hosts so there is none, connect with pyhoca to that system, and
it never even asks me if it's OK.  It just goes ahead and connects,
which is bizarre.


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