Denis Cardon | 4 Jan 00:02 2013

Re: Diskless Booting

Hi Thomas,

> I try to set up an environment where the user can choose between:
>   - diskless booting an operating system (no x2go)
>   - booting a small operating system and use x2go.

we are using the debian live project on a few hundred terminals (running 
x2go/freerdp/firefox) and are very happy with it.

It is very debian style, so if you are familiar to it, you will fell at 
ease, and you can install what ever packet you want from the debian 
repositories in order to get your local netbooting terminal the way you 

The only downside might be the startup time, which is slower than a 
dedicated solution.

HTH, Cheers,


> I looked at the TCE documentation:
> Is this maintained and used in production? Unfortunately the set up
> explained there allows only one boot image. But I need other images. At
> least one with Ubuntu 12.04.
> For the non-x2go images I use this path:
> /tftpboot/os/IMAGE-NAME
> Is it possible to use scripts like x2gothinclientmanagement with a
> different
> path?
> Since the other images use ubuntu, it would be nice if the x2go image
> would use
> ubuntu, too. What do you use?
> A different way would be this: Don't use different boot-images, but use one
> boot image which gives you a login screen where you can choose between
> working
> local and working with x2go.
> Regards,
>    Thomas Güttler


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