Duan Joshua (CI/AFR3-SG | 4 Jan 10:46 2013

Re: Connecting Message

Hi, Mike,

Thanks a lot for the quick response.

Yes, the idea is to have the message before the session window appears. 
Mainly to give them an idea about expected waiting time. We will add 
this wish to the wishlist then...

 From your explanation, for x2goserver-run-extensions, the programs and scripts add to those
directories, i guess they are supposed to be executed locally on the server rather than the clients?


On 04/01/2013 16:57, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> Hi Joshua,
> On Fr 04 Jan 2013 09:00:10 CET "Duan Joshua (CI/AFR3-SG)" wrote:
>> Dear List,
>> I would like to achieve the following with x2go:
>> /when a user connects using either x2goclient or python x2go, a
>> message will be displayed before he is logged in: "Welcome to
>> terminal services, you will be connected in the next XXX seconds.". /
>> What needs to be done to achieve this? Shall I do something at the
>> clients level? or putting scripts into  x2goserver-run-extensions?
> Do you want this message appear in the session window (does not make
> that much sense as this seems a little late for the purpose you have
> in focus) or before the session window appears?
> If the latter, then you have to patch the client code. Choose your
> approach (x2goclient or python-x2go) and file a wishlist request
> against either of those packages:
>     To: submit@...
>     Subject: <summarize your wish>
>     Body:
>       Package: python-x2go|x2goclient
>       Severity: wishlist
>       blablabla...
> If you are able to sponsor such a feature, then additionally please
> contact me (Python X2Go) or Oleksandr Sheyder (x2goclient) directly
> via mail.
> Greets,
> Mike