Rodney Sparapani | 17 Jan 21:33 2013

x2go client on Mountain Lion


I am using x2go and it is really wonderful!  Keep up the good work.

However, there are a couple of issues that I see which are very
reproducible and I am hoping that someone has dealt them before.


When you first make a connection, 2 error messages popup...

The connection with the remote server was shut down.
Please check the state of your network connection.


The remote proxy closed the connection while negotiating the session.
This may be due to the wrong authentication credentials passed to the

Clicking OK on both will allow you to proceed with login.

After entering your username/password another error message pops up...

Connection failed channel_open_session
failed - Received SSH_MSG_DISCONNECT:
33554432:Received ieof for nonexistent
channel 0.

Clicking OK shows two sessions running, but no active window.
So, I terminate those and start a new session.  Then another
error message pops up...

sshd not started, you'll need sshd for
printing and file sharing
you can install sshd with
<b>sudo apt-get install openssh-

Clicking OK leads to another popup message...

Connection failed Can not open file -

Clicking OK brings up the session.

This works very well and it is pretty much the same every time except
for the occasional hang or crash.  But, I am wondering...  Is there a
way to disregard the errors mechanically?  By that, I mean it can be
cumbersome to click OK so many times.  Lots of times the windows are
hidden and do not have the focus so you have to find them.  Some
times they are hiding right behind the main x2goclient window and I sit
and wait for them to popup like an idiot.  Or, can we just not have
the error messages popup?  I don't really understand what they are
saying anyways.  Besides, I am just clicking OK since there is no other
choice.  Any ideas?

Thanks for a wonderful free software package!


Rodney Sparapani, PhD  Center for Patient Care and Outcomes Research
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