Markus Kuderer | 19 Apr 07:42 2013

Re: Runlevel 5 needed?

Hi Mike,

thank you for your answer. I was already wondering about this.

In this case the problem on our system must be somewhere else. I thought 
it might be not working due to this "simple" reason :-)

I found the remark here:
At the bottom of the page, as a "Warning".

Best regards,

Am 18.04.2013 12:31, schrieb Mike Gabriel:
> Hi Markus,
> On Mi 17 Apr 2013 20:20:43 CEST Markus Kuderer wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> in the installation instructions there is a remark that the server has
>> to be run runlevel 5 to allow the X2Go server to accept connections.
>> Why is it like this? Is the local XServer needed for operation? Is
>> there an easy way to overcome this?
> Where have you read this? It is wrong IMHO.
>> Background of my question:
>> I'm interested in using X2go in our system, but we had to switch to
>> runlevel 3. Actually we use mainly VNC sessions for remote operation
>> and these tended to hang up with a "local" XServer running on the server.
> X2Go Server can be used with any runlevel on the system, if only SSHd is
> running. X2Go ships its own X-Server (x2goagent/nxagent).
> Also x2goagent/nxagent do not interfere with local X at all (any more).
> Greets,
> Mike
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