Karel | 16 Jun 12:35 2013

Re: Black screen for existing session

> After the recent Ubuntu update of x2go I'm having some problems with my
> windows client on Windows 7:
> Everytime I try to resume a session the screen goes completly dark, even
> the x2go logo dosn't appear. The only way I can regain graphics is to
> terminate the session and start it again.
> I try then to update the Client to the last on the site and the problem is
> still hapening.
> Sometimes I run the install for Windows and the problem is solved but this
> seems a question of "luck" since this dosn't allways solve the problem.

 I have a same problem, about same configuration (win7; ubuntu, xfce).
Workaround was to install PyHoca-GUI client to Win7 and I am using this
since now.