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From: Rui Cruz <mail-Xw7f/eZv1lIVhHzd4jOs4w <at> public.gmane.org>
Subject: Re: Black screen for existing session
Newsgroups: gmane.linux.terminal-server.x2go.user
Date: Monday 17th June 2013 01:04:21 UTC (over 4 years ago)
Hi Mike,

Responding to your questions
- upgrate is from stable
- I try this client versions, in order: (the ond I had before
the problem appear), and
- about the gnome version:
[email protected]:~$ gnome-shell --version
GNOME Shell 3.4.1
- at the momment I don't have a Ubuntu or Linux distribuition installed
and probably can only do it next weekend. If you fell that it will prove
worh to finding the bug let me know and I will inform you when I'm able
to install it

Also, can you let me know what do I need to install to work with PyHoca
as an alternative?
I've this results with apt-cache search pyhoca:
pyhoca-gui - Graphical X2Go client written in (wx)Python
pyhoca-cli - Command line X2Go client written in Python
x2goserver-pyhoca - X2Go server daemon scripts (add-ons for pyhoca client)

Is there anything else to install on the server-side?

Rui Cruz
+351 96 827 1502

Em 6/17/2013 1:33 AM, Mike Gabriel escreveu:
> Hi Rui,
> On Sa 15 Jun 2013 10:29:15 CEST Rui Cruz wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> After the recent Ubuntu update of x2go I'm having some problems with my
>> windows client on Windows 7:
> Have you upgraded from ppa:x2go/ppa, ppa:x2go/stable or ppa:x2go/baikal
> (LTS stable)?
>> Everytime I try to resume a session the screen goes completly dark, even
>> the x2go logo dosn't appear. The only way I can regain graphics is to
>> terminate the session and start it again.
> Urggh... Anyone else observing this (apart from Karel)?
>> I try then to update the Client to the last on the site and the
>> problem is
>> still hapening.
> Which version is this exactly?
>> Sometimes I run the install for Windows and the problem is solved but
>> this
>> seems a question of "luck" since this dosn't allways solve the problem.
> Hmmm...
>> The server is using gnome.
> GNOMEv2 or GNOMEv3???
>> also, I try to decrease the bandwith and image quality in the session
>> options but didn't work and even create a new Windows profile and run a
>> fresh x2go profile.
> As you noticed that things changed after a server upgrade, the client
> configuration cannot be what causes the observed problem.
>> Any ideas on how to fix this?
> Is the issue also occurring with x2goclient on Linux? Use a similar
> version if possible (from ppa:x2go/stable or ppa:x2go/baikal). Also try
> with the latest development version available (ppa:x2go/ppa).
> Thanks,
> Mike
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