Christophe Lohr | 29 Aug 11:32 2013

How to dynamically resize the session display ?

   I'm trying x2go to be connected on an GNOME desktop. The 
gnome-control-center tool allows us to dynamically change the resolution 
of the remote desktop. This immediately resizes the window of the x2go 
viewer. Unfortunately, this causes strange effects regarding the gnome 
desktop: the taskbar and the menu bar are truncated, dialog boxes are no 
more centered, etc.
It is as if information about the new resolution were not propagated to 
Is there a better way to do that?
(Is it a bug regarding the implementation of xrandr?)

PS: It has nothing to do, but I've seen that x2goclient has an 
"maximize" option. Unfortunately this affect only the window of the 
session manager. It would be nice if the window of x2goagent could also 
be maximized (and not only fullscreen or at custom resolution). Isn't it?

Best regards