Short, Kermit | 23 Oct 17:26 2013

Re: Session Configuration Data

It's a bit hackish in my humble opinion, but I don't know enough about
the nx* or how x2go runs to polish it up.  Essentially, I' taking
advantage of the IGEL firmware's option of creating and populating a
"custom" folder with user specified files.  I copy over the nxlibs
structure, modify the nproxy wrapper script to prepend the custom folder
path, copy over a bunch of required libraries, and create symbolic links
where necessary.  I would like to run with it for a while before sharing
it to see what improvements I can make, and catch any problems when I do
end user testing.  Once I'm happy with it, though, I'll be happy to
share my documentation, scripts, and tarballs.

As to creating a binary, as far as I know, IGEL doesn't really have
anything like that.  They provide everything they support embedded in
the firmware, and you can either turn it on or off.  If they want to
take the stuff I've done and integrate it into their firmware, that
would certainly be a better solution, but that would be up to them.
They currently deploy with No Machine 3.5 (ugh) so they may or may not
be open for the suggestion.

Kermit Short

On Tue, 2013-10-22 at 22:47 +0000, Mike Gabriel wrote:
> Hi Kermit,
> On  Di 22 Okt 2013 23:44:41 CEST, Short, Kermit wrote:
> > Will the broker allow me to choose specific servers?  Our customers run
> > large compute jobs on discreet servers, so they won't want to be bounced
> > to 'X' when they are trying to get to 'Y'.  Thanks!
> Yes, the broker can handle that. And: you can configure all your  
> customers/users in a central instance of the session broker.
> Would it be possible that you share your efforts, getting X2Go Client  
> to fly on IGEL thinclient hardware??? I'd be happy to have such a page  
> on our wiki. Furthermore, is it possible to provide a binary bundle  
> for IGEL? Could what you did be automatized???
> Mike (the upstream dev of the broker and the provider of the .deb  
> packages of X2Go)