Jay Christnach | 14 Nov 17:59 2013

keyboard mappings and xfce

First of all thanks for the awesome tool! I absolutely needed a faster
way to remote control desktops.

I have a question about the keyboard configuration I could not find an
answer to while searching the net.

I use a swiss-french keyboard layout on all my computers. All of them
run Ubuntu with XFCE. I use x2goclient for as the grpahical UI for the
connections. I tried many combinations of "keep current settings",
running commands and entering something in layout and model. Once I got
the keyboard working correctly on a stand alone remote session by
changing the keyboard settings in XFCE settings manager. This is ok
until now.

But when I want to connect to the local desktop (a already running
session), which is the most wanted use case for me, I do net get the
right key mappings. The arrow cursor keys don't work, the accents and
[]{} keys and maybe others don't work right. And I'm not able to change
this by setting a layout in the settings of XFCE nor by specifying "use
current layout" or anything (what) else as settings in session
management of x2goclient.

Can you tell me the right way to configure this without having to type
commands (xkbset?) everytime I log on?

Jay Christnach

P.S. to contribute to the project, I could translate documentation
sometimes. I write good german and french.