Jean-Francois Dagenais | 16 Nov 19:08 2013

Re: wmctrl problems

On Nov 16, 2013, at 4:17, Mike Gabriel
<mike.gabriel@...> wrote:

> With published applications you have to use wmctrl on your local display (:0) not on the X2Go display (:50
or above...).
> Mike

Thanks for the answer Mike, is there any way around that? I.e. a nxagent option
or something? The reason is it would be nice to implement the window management
trickery part on the server side, and not have to redo the setup on all my
client terminals. Plus, the server is ubuntu, which has all the required
packages readily available, whereas on mac, I have to use macports which has
some quirks here and there.

Thanks again for the help guys!