Stefan Baur | 26 Nov 09:50 2013

Is it possible to run the X2Go PXE Server (for X2Go TCE) in a Linux-VServer environment?

Hi list,

I tried to install the X2Go PXE Server in a VServer environment.

This failed for several reasons:
1) Linux-VServer isn't included in Wheezy any more, so I had to try it 
using Squeeze.
2) The nfs-kernel-server package cannot be installed in a VServer 
environment - this is a general limitation of Linux-VServer 
( Said 
FAQ and "apt-cache show nfs-kernel-server" point to the packages 
nfs-user-server and unfs3 as alternatives. However, in Squeeze, only the 
nfs-kernel-server package is available, but neither nfs-user-server nor 
unfs3 are available.
3) unfs3 is available in sid, but only for the m68k platform, not for 
i386 or amd64.
4) I can't find nfs-user-server anywhere on (for any 
release), which means either the package name is wrong or the package no 
longer exists.

So it seems I'm stuck.

Other PXE boot solutions use http/ftp instead of nfs and pass along the 
client root file system as squashfs. I'm not sure if switching to that 
method would help much, though, as it means having to load the entire 
root file system into the client's RAM. At present, the file system 
needs almost 850 MB of space, which would not fit into my clients - they 
have between 256 MB and 512 MB.

Any suggestions what I could try next?