Carl | 30 Nov 10:26 2013

distributing user settings


I have recently setup a multi user x2go server, and I think it works great.

I've got one issue though, that I would like to ask for help with or
ideas about:

When creating a session in the client, there's a lot of settings to fill
out, so to tell a user how to set their client up I need to send a
fairly long email, and it doesn't seem as easy to the user as it is once
they are set up.

With NX, I could copy a session settings file onto a CD along with the
client software, tell the user to install the software and double click
on the session file to login. They were then prompted only for username
and password in a simple dialogue, and this was no bother at all to the
user. (this was before NX4 was released with a very complicated user

I'd like to do something similar - find a way to make sure the user
doesn't have to set colours and image format, click fullscreen, click to
enable audio, set the link speed etc. And I want it to work both for
Windows and Linux users.

I've seen there's some other client software for x2go that I haven't
tried, and maybe that's the solution - I will try shortly.

Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks :-)

Best Regards,