Stefan Baur | 30 Nov 23:05 2013

Re: distributing user settings

Am 30.11.2013 10:26, schrieb Carl:
> When creating a session in the client, there's a lot of settings to fill
> out, so to tell a user how to set their client up I need to send a
> fairly long email, and it doesn't seem as easy to the user as it is once
> they are set up.


> Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks :-)

I don't know which client software you tried, but for plain x2goclient, 
you can copy the ~/.x2goclient/sessions and ~/.x2goclient/sizes files.
On Windows, this information is stored in the registry by default, but 
by specifying --portable on the x2goclient.exe command line, it will use 
the files instead of the registry, too.