Stefan Baur | 29 Jan 22:04 2014

Re: Resolution of logged in Session / non-clickable Area

Am 29.01.2014 21:48, schrieb Tobias Hadem:
> Is there really nobody who ever experienced that problem? I am using both
> the TCE and the server in almost vanilla-configuration, fresh installed,
> one user, everything configured according to the documentation (and by
> configuration i just mean editing the session matching my network).
> any help would be greatly appreciated!

Looks to me as if you have a session config that is set to 800x600
instead of fullscreen.
I'd suggest setting up x2goclient on a regular Linux, Mac or Windows
client and toying around there until you have a session file that
matches your desires, then copy that one over to the TCE.
Note that on Windows, you need to run x2goclient.exe with --portable to
make it write a sessions file (otherwise all data will be stored in the