Les Mikesell | 31 Jan 06:12 2014

Re: imac keyboard

On Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 3:03 PM, Les Mikesell <lesmikesell@...> wrote:

>>> Am 09.01.2014 17:25, schrieb Les Mikesell:
>>>> Should it be possible to start a session on a linux/centos host from a
>>>> windows x2go client, then later connect to the session from a mac?   I
>>>> can pick up the screen, but the keyboard input is garbage - numbers
>>>> for letters, etc.   Haven't tried starting a fresh session from the
>>>> mac so I don't if the keyboard works in that situation - but maybe I
>>>> am just missing some setting.  This is the wireless bluetooth keyboard
>>>> on an imac running OSX Mavericks, if that matters.
>> I would be happy if people could test the next preview build of X2Go Client
>> ( and see what bugs can be closed and if they really can be
>> closed...
> Is a mac build available - or a way to know when one is?

The version seems to have fixed the mac keyboard issue, but
there is still one quirk.  I have the 'magic trackpad' configured to
do right-click by pressing the lower right corner but it doesn't work
that well so I've gotten used to using the control key with a left
click.     The combo doesn't seem to be seen in the X2go session.
When the right trackpad click works, that is processed correctly, and
if I plug in a USB mouse, that works normally too (although the
ctl-left mouse combo isn't seen as left-mouse there either).


  Les Mikesell