Les Mikesell | 1 Feb 01:28 2014

Re: Start up constrained to local screen size (above task bar) possible?

On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 6:02 PM, Michael DePaulo
<mikedep333@...> wrote:

> On MS Windows at least, I've observed multiple bugs with resizing,
> Enabling XInerama seemed to help on
> But to accomplish your task, the following should work on X2Go Client
>, and probably on older versions too:

I've just started using, haven't seen resizing problems yet.

> 1. Set the session preferences:
> Settings -> Display -> Custom -> 800x600 (or any other value smaller
> than your laptop screen)
> 2. Connect to the existing session and wait upto 10 seconds.
> 3. The X2Go session should resize to 800x600. This resizing includes
> the GNOME/XFCE/etc menu bars.

Is that new - I thought I had tried earlier versions with a size
specified but it only worked for new session.  It does resize now.

> 4. Maximize the window.
> 5. The X2Go session should resize to the window's new size, which is
> everything but the taskbar. This resizing includes the GNOME/XFCE/etc
> menu bars.

This isn't exactly what I want - I want the width a bit less so I can
access other things on the screen.   But, since the client settings
are set on each machine I can just set the size I want in both

> Let me know if you are having issues resuming sessions altogether. I
> think I need to write a bug report about them.



  Les Mikesell