Stefan Baur | 26 Mar 22:20 2014

Re: x2go server for windows

Am 26.03.2014 22:00, schrieb Kjell Otto:
> Imagine a scenario like this: use the x2goclient to connect to the
> x2goserver, but instead of starting your favorite window manager, only
> start the one with the smallest footprint you can find: awesome for
> example. In that you start a program like xfreerdp to connect to another
> PC that's running a RDP Server and that is your whole mechanism ;)

That sounds like you're doing by hand what is already provided by
x2goclient? *confused*

Choose "Session Type: Connect to Windows terminal server" and enter the
IP or DNS name of the terminal server you want to connect to.
Unless you check "direct IP connection" (which, AFAIK, is only available
on the Linux x2goclient), x2goclient will connect to your X2Go server
and start a fullscreen rdesktop session there.

IIRC, it is also possible to use xfreerdp instead of rdesktop, though I
haven't tried that yet.