Stefan Baur | 21 Jul 14:35 2014

Re: x2goclient: english version not installable

Am 21.07.2014 14:17, schrieb Andreas Schaupp:
> I'm trying to install the English version of x2goclient on Windows 7. During
> the installation process I can select German or English, but regardless
> what I select there, the installer always installs the German version.

The language selector you see during installation sets the installer
language, not the language of the installed executable.  In fact, there
is no "German version" or "English version" of x2goclient.exe.  It
always contains *every* language we support.

> I've downloaded x2goclient version from
> I've also tried older versions from this directory, but still got the same
> result, the english version is selectable but isn't installed after
> selction.

That is expected behavior, see the above-mentioned reason.

> I have this problem on both german and english version of
> Windows 7, 64bit.

My guess is that you have both your German and English version set to
use "German (Germany)" instead of "English (United States)" in

(English path) Control Panel\Clock, Language, and Region\Region and Language

(German path) Systemsteuerung\Zeit, Sprache und Region\Region und Sprache

That setting is what determines the UI language of x2goclient.exe.