Lukas Laukamp | 5 Oct 15:47 2012

PyHoca, X2Go Server (Ubuntu 12.04) sound problems

Hey all,

I have a Ubuntu 12.04 Desktop running in an KVM environment with X2Go. 
Everything is working great but the sound redirection doesn't work. I 
have assigned a soundcard to the KVM machine which is detected correctly 
by Ubuntu. First I tried to use PulseAudio as transport in PyHoca but 
this doesn't worked. I googled a few minutes and found that there are 
often problems with PulseAudio, so I installed esd to test with esd. 
This also didn't worked. So for now I don't know what could be wrong. 
The X2Go server scripts for PyHoca and python-x2go scripts are installed 
on the server, I can control the sound options on Ubuntu (also in the 
X2Go session not only from the VNC console) but no sound is there. The 
client system is Windows 7 at the moment with the newest PyHoca version.

Does someone has an idea what could be wrong and what I have to do to 
get sound input and output to work?

Hope that someone could help me.

Best Regards