Möri Cedric | 9 Oct 19:01 2012

Questions on possible setups and use cases

Hi list

I'm a newbie on x2go. I tried to find some answers in the wiki and the docs but I have still some questions:
First of all, I found the mail archive; is there also a searchable archive like nabble or so?

I was able to setup the x2go-server and also to connect with a single windows xp-laptop, so this went fine.

Basically, I try to determine if x2go suits our needs and what setup would be needed for it:
We have an application server (Ubuntu 10.04) and we need to bring some of the applications on this server in a
windows 2008 terminal server environment. So my questions are:
Will the client work on window terminal without conflicts between the different users? Is it possible to
have sessions to different applications for the same user?

We have about 100 potential users, about 10-20 concurrently working with about 100-200 sessions a day. Is
it possible to estimate on the resources that are needed on the server? 

Any hints on my questions or a pointer to some docs or use cases would be great!
Thanks a lot in advance!

Kind regards

Mit freundlichen Grüssen
Cédric Möri