Lukas Laukamp | 12 Oct 18:31 2012

Re: x2gognomebindings package installation on ubuntu 12.04 fails

Am 12.10.2012 16:31, schrieb Mark Dammer:
> I just installed x2go on a clean ubuntu 12.04 "precise" install. The
> installation of the package x2gognomebindings fails with an error.
> Luckily the workaround on John Wesoricks page works:
> sudo cp /etc/xdg/menus/
> /etc/xdg/menus/
> sudo apt-get install x2gognomebindings
> As the bug is known since November 2011 I would be grateful if whoever
> maintains the package would fix this.
> thanks a lot, Mark
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yes the bug is known, but not fixed yet. The same problem exists on 
Debian Wheezy and higher. It's a simple problem of GNOME 3 and can also 
be fixed very simple by modifying the filename in the source package and 
rebuild the binary package.

Best Regards