Michael Nagel | 9 Nov 12:18 2012

Re: Mac OSX and keyboard

sorry if I break threading, I try to reply to a mail I only know from the archives...
I try to reply to: https://lists.berlios.de/pipermail/x2go-user/2012-November/001108.html

Hi everyone,

same problem with messed up keyboard layouts with x2go here:

Server Side: Ubuntu 12.04 with x2goserver from the stable PPA
Client Side: Mac OS X 10.6.8 with x2goclient from the x2go website
Keyboard Layout: en_us everywhere, and in x2goclient I checked "Keep current keyboard Settings"

They keys are messed up as follows:

expected: 12345
actual  : ertyi

expected: qwert
actual  : -=	w
note: e is backspace, r is tab

expected: asdfg
actual  : 124
note: a and s don't insert anything

expected: zxcvb
actual  : 56780

expected: space backspace enter up down left right
actual  : n,j.
note: down left right don't insert anything

Obviously this is totally unusable.
Is there anything I could try?
Any information I could provide to aid debugging?

Best Regards