Paul Menzel | 28 Jan 17:06 2012

OT: Patches posted to support interlaced modes in intel-gfx

Dear VDR folks,

there is a request for testing on the intel-gfx list for patches
enabling interlaced modes [1].

After porting the driver to KMS interlaced modes did not work anymore
and the patches enable support again. So Intel hardware seems to even
more suited for a HTPC.

        15:48 < danvet> yeah, together with libva an recent intel gpu should make a 
                        nice htpc
        15:49 < danvet> although we don't support tv-out on ilk and later
        15:49 < danvet> but iirc rodrigo vivi is working on that

Daniel Vetter told me to remind you that these patches are experimental
though and will (only) land in Linux 3.4. So to test them you will have
to build the Linux kernel yourself.

Maybe frame rate control patches from Thomas Hilber and VGA2SCART will
also get upstream in the feature if somebody gets her/his hands dirty
porting those.



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