Fahiem | 6 Sep 12:55 2007

Load file error

Hi all,

I am newbie to Allegro. The allegro is installed in C drive while my lisp file 
is placed in D drive. I am trying to load the file using

(load "D:\Fahiem\testing.lisp")

 It is not loading the file but returns the following:
Restart actions (select using :continue):
  0: retry the load of testing.lisp
  1: skip loading testing.lisp
  2: Return to Debug Level 4 (an "abort" restart).
  3: retry the load of D:kirantesting.lisp
  4: skip loading D:kirantesting.lisp
  5: Return to Debug Level 3 (an "abort" restart).
  6: Try evaluating DOUBLE again.
  7: Use :DOUBLE instead.
  8: Set the symbol-value of DOUBLE and use its value.
  9: Use a value without setting DOUBLE.
 10: Return to Debug Level 2 (an "abort" restart).
 11: Try calling SQUARE again.
 12: Try calling CG.BASE::SQUARE instead.
 13: Return a value instead of calling SQUARE.
 14: Try calling a function other than SQUARE.
 15: Setf the symbol-function of SQUARE and call it again.
 16: Return to Debug Level 1 (an "abort" restart).
 17: Abort entirely from this (lisp) process.
[Current process: Initial Lisp Listener]

Please help me where i have to place the file or what else?

Thanks for your time.