Juan Jose Garcia-Ripoll | 26 Dec 16:26 2011

Wrong test?

          (INTEGER :BAD1)
          (KEYWORD :GOOD)
          (SYMBOL :BAD2)))

What is this supposed to check? In ECL this leads to the following code

          (INTEGER :BAD1)
          (KEYWORD :GOOD)
          (SYMBOL :BAD2)))

This is in my opinion wrong.. CTYPECASE is supposed to contain a form for a correctable error, including a replacement of the value of the form, in this case :FOO. This means CTYPECASE expands at some point to (SETF :FOO ...) which is not a valid code, given that :FOO is a constant.

I know that SBCL and probably other implementations do not complain about this until the assignment is performed, but this does not mean that the code is valid.


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