Peter Denno | 1 Jun 22:42 2006

Re: SBCL patches

On Thursday 01 June 2006 15:30, you wrote:
> On Thu, 1 Jun 2006, Peter Denno wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > OK. The patches that Marco Gidde provided are now in CVS, and the "News"
> > section of the web page has been updated to mention this.
> Great! Thanks!
> [...]
> > So does anyone here have thoughts on how we can make things better?
> I'd like to clean up the code a little bit to reduce the number of
> compiler notes of the different lisps. The attached patch and a new
> file (gtk-ffi/package.lisp) is a first step in this direction.
> The patch is pretty uncontroversial (I think!) except for the
> -      (cffi:load-foreign-library #+cffi-features:unix ""
> +      (cffi:load-foreign-library #+cffi-features:unix
> +				 (merge-pathnames "" #.*compile-file-pathname*)
> part. It works for me in all lisps I tried, but still... Or are users
> supposed to install in /usr/lib/ or some such?

> One more thing: since Cells has become Cells2, I think we should have
> a version of Cells in the repository at least until (if ever) we
> convert cells-gtk to Cells2.

Good point. The tarball uses what Kenny Tilton was calling "cells 2," though 
it might have changed since I last checked. I'll at least check in what I've 

> What do you think?

These look fine. I'll check the merge-pathnames thing for libcellsgtk on 
lispworks.  I think the use of /usr/lib or whatever is leftover from the days 
when we had to specify (or thought we had to specify) the library path. This 
is better if it works. I'll check lispworks, at least.

It might be a few days before I get this in CVS. But I'll make a note so I 
don't forget ;^)


> Andras


- Best regards,