Karl Heinrichmeyer | 18 Apr 20:04 2012

problem with include-path in cffi-grovel on windows


The groveler has a problem with the include path when calling the 
c-compiler on windows. This is because it uses the 
(directory-namestring) function to get the directory where cffi is 
installed and thus the device specifier is missing.
I reported a bug and attached a patch to it. The patch is using a small 
lib i wrote to solve; I couldn't find an easy way to do it with ANSI CL 
(this may be my fault). The patch seem to solve the problem (windows7-64 
and ccl-1.8), but I couldn't test it to a great extend. This is because 
I found the but by trying to use osicat which now seems to be broken 
with the latest git version. Is there any package that uses the groveler 
and should work on windows so that I can test the fix?

I would love to hear your opinions on the patch and the lib and hope it 
will be helpful.

Best regards,