Reini Urban | 29 Jan 00:20 2008

Re: JIT via Lightning

Whow, like christmas. Just a little bit of dreaming and Yann caused me
negative work!

2008/1/28, Sam Steingold:
> for me to test your patch, you need to update it to work against CVS
> head.
> at the very least, you will need to replace "fehler" with "error"
> and "//" with "/**/"
> and tabs with spaces.

In my cleanup I moved jit_compile_() to an extra jit.d file.
So FUNTAB, interpret_bytecode and three error functions had to
be moved from local to global.
I hope that this will not slowdown the function access.

But I couldn't benchmark it, because the cygwin version doesn't run yet.
It just hangs in the compiler.

my cleanup:

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