ICMdesign | 19 Nov 13:24 2007

clisp-2.42 with new-clx

Dear Members,
clisp --version: clisp 2.41.1 (2007-10-12) gnu c 3.3.4 (debian 1:3.34-13)
compiling  with new-clx I get the following errors:
clx.f: In function 'C_subr_xlib_access_hosts':
clx.f:7357:error:'_FamilyServerInterpreted' undeclared...
clx.f:7358:error:'XServerInterpretedAddress' undeclared
clx.f:7358:error:'sia' undeclared...
clx.f:7359:error: parse error before ')' token
Linux  kernel :2.5.15
clisp-2.4.1 compiled without these errors and I didn't find these
definitions in clx/new-clx/clx.f (clisp-2.4.1) .
Should I add some new library?
Konrad      </HTML>

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