Raymond Toy (RT/EUS | 31 Mar 15:16 2008

Clisp 2.44.1 fails with gcc 3.4.3 on sparc

In case any one cares, I tried building clisp 2.44.1 using gcc 3.4.3
on sparc.  The sources appear to build and an image is created.
However, when running make check, the check eventually gets a segfault
that crashes clisp.

I didn't use any special libraries and only had libsigsegv available.
More info available if anyone wants to take a look.

Using the same sources, I rebuilt using gcc 3.3.3, and make check
finishes just fine.  This works for me, so the fact that 3.4.3 doesn't
work is not so important to me.


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