Marco Gidde | 5 Feb 19:21 2007

DFFI on x86_64

Hello Juanjo,

recently I tried to build a lisp wrapper around a C-library with CFFI
and got some strange crashes with ECL. The appended patch is probably
not quite correct but works here and should give you an idea of what
is still missing.

Another issue occurred when I tried callbacks with an ECL built with
the --with-cxx option (also via CFFI). While C allows to cast a void*
to any kind of function pointer, C++ doesn't. Maybe a reinterpret_cast
in the generated C-code might help, but I'm not sure and haven't
testet this. For now I can live with the old-fashioned C-ECL :-)



Attachment (ecl.diff): text/x-patch, 1190 bytes
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