Tobias C. Rittweiler | 10 Oct 12:29 2009

[ANN] Named Readtables 0.9

The [editor-hints] project is pleased to announce _Named Readtables_.

What are Named Readtables?

  It's a library

       a) to help you to organize your readtable hacks, 

   and b) to help your development environment to deal with these hacks.

  For detailed information see [What are Named-Readtables?] in the


  DEFREADTABLE (analogously to DEFPACKAGE) can be used to specify the
  content of a readtable.

  IN-READTABLE (analogously to IN-PACKAGE) can be used to specify what
  readtable should be used while compiling a .lisp file.

  Named-Readtables has an API very much inspired by the existing API
  of packages. But see [Important API idiosyncrasies] in the


  See [Named-Readtables Documentation].


  darcs get

Release Notes

  The release was tagged as 0.9 even though it's actually pretty much a 1.0.

  Experience tells that no matter how much you try to polish a piece
  of software, there will be two to three issues. The 1.0 will wait
  for these issues be reported.


  The library has been tested on SBCL, CCL, Clisp, ABCL (head), ECL,
  Allegro 8.1, Lispworks 5.1.



  [Named-Readtables Documentation]

  [What are Named-Readtables?]

  [Important API idiosyncrasies]