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From: Jack Harper <jharper <at> secureoutcomes.net>
Subject: (Gerry) Re: A few newbie questions
Newsgroups: gmane.lisp.lispworks.general
Date: Wednesday 2nd January 2013 19:39:56 UTC (over 5 years ago)
At 10:42 AM 1/2/2013, Gerry Weaver wrote:
>Hello All,
>I am new to Lisp and I have a few newbie type 
>questions. If someone would be so kind as to 
>help me out with these, it would be very much appreciated.

Hello Gerry -


might be of interest to you.

It is the .PDF of a talk that I gave at the 
European Lisp Conference a year ago titled, 
"Betting the Company on Lisp: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly".

It describes the process that we went through 
here at Secure Outcomes to decide whether to use 
Lisp; which Lisp: and then the results of 
building and delivering our product to market.

Our system consists of about 110,000 lines of LW 
Common Lisp and runs in soft real-time with video 
data rates on embedded hardware and is installed 
at about fifty sites across the United States. 
The technology that we have developed is covered 
by seven patents (three issued).

Needless to say, as ceo of this startup, I was 
extremely careful in those choices and have not 
regretted anything at all - Quite to the contrary.

I highly recommend Lisp for high-pressure early 
stage startup situations and, in particular, the LW environment.

Best Wishes for 2013!


Jack Harper, CEO
Secure Outcomes Inc
Evergreen, Colorado USA

(product description).

ps - Following is a Press Release put out a 
couple weeks ago by our partner company, 
MACE:  You can do a lot with LW CL in a short time :)

>Mace® Takes Branded Digital Fingerprinting System To Law Enforcement
>Government Grant Program Funds Purchases By Local Police Departments
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>CLEVELAND, Dec. 11, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Today 
>Mace Security International announced its entry 
>into the burgeoning digital fingerprinting 
>market through a licensing agreement with Colorado-based Secure Outcomes
>The move adds electronic fingerprint collection, 
>archiving and transmission systems to the 
>globally recognized Mace brand of safety and personal defense products.
>The Mace XPrint™ line of smart live scan 
>stations will allow law enforcement and private 
>sector agencies to comply with FBI and state 
>mandates to replace traditional ink-on-paper 
>prints with digital fingerprint scans.
>"For more than 30 years, consumers and law 
>enforcement officials have trusted Mace for a 
>wide range of security products.
>"With the tremendous demand for digital livescan 
>equipment across the globe, our strategic move 
>into the segment is a natural extension of the 
>Mace brand," said John McCann, President and CEO 
>of Mace Security International.
>After exhaustive research about industry 
>designers and manufacturers, Mace selected 
>Secure Outcomes to become a Mace Strategic 
>Partner and to provide the XPrint technology.
>Mace will handle marketing, sales and 
>distribution through its vast network within the 
>domestic and international law enforcement community.
>"Secure Outcomes offers the most user-friendly 
>and cost-efficient integrated system on the 
>market," explained McCann.  "That expert 
>technology, coupled with Mace's extensive global 
>sales network, will drive XPrint's volume in the livescan market."
>XPrint touch-screen systems allow officials to 
>quickly capture and transmit detainee 
>information; store thousands of fingerprint 
>sets; automatically score individual print 
>quality; eliminate PCs and additional software; 
>and reduce operator error with only minimal training.
>Secure Outcomes CEO Jack Harper said, "This 
>licensing agreement offers law enforcement 
>organizations affordable forensic-quality 
>equipment that's backed by Mace, one of the most 
>respected names in the safety and security industry."
>Thousands of law enforcement offices across the 
>country are eligible to receive federal funding 
>for digital fingerprinting equipment through the 
>Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant 
>program that is part of the American Recovery 
>and Reinvestment Act of 2009.  Signed into law 
>by President Barack Obama in February, 2009, the 
>program annually offers $2 billion
>to support state and local efforts to prevent and control crime.
>About Mace
>Mace Security International is a manufacturer 
>and provider of personal defense, safety, and 
>electronic security products to consumer and 
>business market segments under the highly 
>recognized Mace® brand. Mace also owns and 
>operates a UL/ETL listed central station 
>providing remote monitoring services to the 
>wholesale security trade. For more information, 
>go to <http://www.mace.com/>www.mace.com.
>About Secure Outcomes
>Secure Outcomes is a closely held, venture 
>capital-backed Colorado corporation that designs 
>and builds patented/patent-pending forensic 
>quality digital fingerprint collection, 
>archiving, and transmission systems. Secure 
>Outcomes believes that its primary competitive 
>advantages include its emphasis on small, 
>compact, integrated software and hardware 
>systems that are extremely easy to use, 
>affordable and centered on law enforcement 
>officer safety. For more information, go to www.secureoutcomes.net
>SOURCE Mace Security International
><http://s.tt/1wBWm>PR Newswire (<http://s.tt/1wBWm>http://s.tt/1wBWm)
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