Akshay Srinivasan | 12 Mar 18:18 2012

How expensive is CLOS object creation ?

	Now that I have a reasonable amount of support for matrix slices (and
more). I can now do neat stuff like

? (defvar a (make-complex-matrix 2 2))
;; Get the second column
? (defvar e (make-sub-matrix a 0 1 2 1))
;; Set the imaginary part of the second column to pi
? (copy! pi (imagpart! e))

without without ever having to copy the store. I guess this is okay
for user interaction; but I guess there are costs involved with
creating new CLOS objects though. Should this sort of stuff be avoided
inside core functions then ?


P.S: I will merge my changes and push things to matlisp-cffi, after
sending this mail.

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