Alex Shinn | 19 Mar 13:15 2012

Re: Reusing the Chibi Scheme Makefile to Build Libraries

On Sun, Mar 18, 2012 at 3:31 PM, Alan Watson <alan@...> wrote:
>> Actually, this doesn't do the cross-platform $(SO) handling
>> for you - it would work well with autotools, but just being
>> able to include a makefile is nice.
> That's the major problem. The options I can see are installing libtool, writing my own set of rules for each
platform, reusing the Chibi-Scheme Makefile.
> I can see two ways to help people build libraries.

For building Chibi libraries, the solution will be Snow
(as soon as I get around to this).

> The first would be to split the current Makefile into two parts, one being specific
> to building Chibi Scheme and the other for building shared
> libraries.

This may be of interest regardless for fellow
autoconf haters.