Juho Snellman | 30 Sep 03:57 2010

sbcl 1.0.43

SBCL 1.0.43 has been released:

changes in sbcl-1.0.43 relative to sbcl-1.0.42
  * incompatible change: FD-STREAMS no longer participate in the serve-event
    event-loop by default. (lp#316072)
    ** In addition to streams created by explicit calls to MAKE-FD-STREAM this
       affects streams from CL:OPEN.
    ** Streams from SOCKET-MAKE-STREAM still participate in serve-event by
       default, but this is liable to change: applications needing serve-event
       for socket streams should explicitly request it using :SERVE-EVENTS T
       in the call.
  * enhancement: SB-EXT:WORD type is provided for use with SB-EXT:ATOMIC-INCF
  * enhancement: CLOS effective method functions and defclass slot typechecking
    function now have debug names for use in backtraces and profiles.
  * enhancement: ASDF has been updated to version 2.004. (lp#605260, thanks to
    Faré Rideau)
  * enhancement: symbols are printed using fully qualified names in several
    error and warning messages which are often associated with package
    conflicts or mixups (lp#622789, thanks to Attila Lendvai)
  * bug fix: SB-BSD-SOCKETS:SOCKET-CONNECT was not thread safe. (lp#505497,
    thanks to Andrew Golding)
  * bug fix: reading /proc files on Linux works. (lp#425199)
  * bug fix: DOTIMES accepted literal non-integer reals. (lp#619393, thanks to
    Roman Marynchak)
  * bug fix: WRITE-TO-STRING compiler macro binding special variable names,
    breaking code that tried to write the value of a printer control variable.
    (lp#581564, thanks to Stas Boukarev)
  * bug fix: WRITE compiler macro did not handle output stream designators
    correctly. (lp#598374, thanks to Stas Boukarev)
  * bug fix: better availability of names of foreign functions in backtraces
    on Linux. (lp#626962, thanks to Stas Boukarev)
  * bug fix: scripting and build for Solaris and FreeBSD. (lp#615497,
    lp#627581, thanks to Josh Elsasser and Jim Wise)
  * bug fix: build fixes for OpenBSD -current and 4.8 (lp#615489, lp#615492,
    thanks to Josh Elsasser)
  * bug fix: using aliases for builtin classes as defmethod specializers
    without adding DEFTYPEs for them works. (lp#618387)
  * bug fix: timetravel by getrusage() no longer causes type-errors during GC.
  * bug fix: legally dynamic-extent lists and vectors used as
    initialization arguments to MAKE-ARRAY can be stack allocated. (lp#586105)
  * bug fix: inline-expansion creating references to dead lambda-variables
    (lp#454681, thanks to Alexey Dejneka)
  * bug fix: better error message for bogus numerical arguments to RANDOM.
    (lp#598986, thanks to Stas Boukarev)
  * bug fix: the compiler occasionally inlined references from incompatible
    environments occurs. (lp#308951)
  * bug fix: the compiler threw an error when trying to compile a local
    function (labels or flet) known to take a specialized complex argument.
    (not in launchpad, reported by sykopomp in #lispgames)
  * bug fix: package-locks failed to protect against compile-time effects of
    DEFUN when the symbol previously had a macro definition. (lp#576637)
  * bug fix: spurious ignore warnings even given (DECLARE IGNORE) in methods
    when parameter bindings mutated.  (reported by Faré Rideau; lp #611361)
  * bug fix: workaround for compiler hang in ORDER-UVL-SETS (lp#308914)
  * bug fix: evaluation in debugger REPL works using the global context when
    in frames that do not have sufficient debug information.
  * bug fix: exceeding FD_SETSIZE limit now results in an sensible error
  * bug fix: (SETF DOCUMENTATION) of a macro works properly. (lp#643958, thanks
    to Stas Boukarev)
  * bug fix: interrupt taking longer than the requested period caused SLEEP
    to hang on Darwin. (lp#640516, thanks to Joe Lebroco for the analysis)

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