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From: Juho Snellman <jsnell <at> iki.fi>
Subject: sbcl 1.0.55 released
Newsgroups: gmane.lisp.steel-bank.announce
Date: Monday 9th January 2012 04:16:02 UTC (over 6 years ago)
changes in sbcl-1.0.55 relative to sbcl-1.0.54:  * enhancements to
building SBCL using make.sh:    ** --fancy can be specified to enable
all supported feature enhancements.    ** --with- and
--without- can be used to specify       which features to
build with.    ** --arch option can be used to specify the
architecture to build for.       (Mainly useful for building 32-bit
SBCL's on x86-64 hosts, not       full-blows cross-compilation.)  *
enhancement: extended package prefix syntax
::    which allows specifying name of the
default interning package for the    whole form.  * enhancement: when
*READ-EVAL* is true, arrays with element type other than    T can be
printed readably using #.-based syntax. (Thanks to Robert Brown)  *
enhancement: MAKE-ALIEN signals a storage-condition instead of
returning a    null alien when malloc() fails. (lp#891268)  *
conditions can be conveniently accessed through function with the same
   name, analogously to CONTINUE.  * enhancement:
SB-EXT:*SUPPRESS-PRINT-ERRORS* can be used to suppress errors    from
the printer by type, causing an error marker to be printed instead.
(Thanks to Attila Lendvai)  * enhancement: BACKTRACE and DESCRIBE now
bind *PRINT-CIRCLE* to T, and    generally behave better when errors
occur during printing.  * enhancement: the test runner now takes a
--report-skipped-tests argument    to report the individual tests
skipped as well as the number of skipped    tests.  * enhancement:
undefined functions now appear in backtraces as ("undefined
function") instead of ("bogus stack frame") on x86oids.  *
enhancement: detected deadlocks no longer cause stderr to be spammed,
and    deadlock errors are reported in an easier-to-decipher manner.
* enhancement: DESCRIBE on type designators reports the expansion in
more    cases.  * enhancement: SBCL now provides either an explicit
being implied by lack    of the :LITTLE-ENDIAN feature. (Thanks to
Luís Oliveira, lp#901661)  * enhancement: better disassembly of
segment-prefixes on x86 and other    instruction prefixes (e.g. LOCK)
on x86 and x86-64.  * optimization: FIND and POSITION on bit-vectors
are orders of magnitude    faster (assuming KEY and TEST are not used,
or are sufficiently trivial.)  * optimization: SUBSEQ on vectors of
unknown element type is substantially    faster. (lp#902537)  *
optimization: specialized arrays with non-zero :INITIAL-ELEMENT can
be stack-allocated. (lp#902351)  * optimization: the compiler is
smarter about representation selection for    floating point constants
used in full calls.  * optimization: the compiler no longer refuses to
coerce large fixnums to    single floats inline, except on x86 where
this limitation is still    necessary.  * bug fix: deadlock detection
could report the same deadlock twice, for    two different threads.
Now a single deadlock is reported exactly once.  * bug fix:
interval-arithmetic division during type derivation did not    account
for signed zeros.  * bug fix: compiler error when typechecking a call
to a function with    non-constant keyword arguments.  * bug fix:
misoptimization of TRUNCATE causing erratic behaviour.  * bug fix:
condition slot accessors no longer cause undefined function
style-warnings when used in the :REPORT clause of the DEFINE-CONDITION
   form that defines them. (lp#896379)  * bug fix: DEFGENERIC warns
about unsupported declarations, as specified    by ANSI. (lp#894202)
* bug fix: SUBTYPEP tests involving forward-referenced classes no
longer    bogusly report NIL, T.  * bug fix: bogus style-warnings for
DEFMETHOD forms that both declared some    required arguments ignored
and performed assignments to others.    (lp#898331)  * bug fix:
*EVALUATOR-MODE* :COMPILE treated (LET () ...) identically    to
(LOCALLY ...) leading to internally inconsistent toplevel-formness.  *
bug fix: non-toplevel DEFSTRUCT signaled a style warning for unknown
type.  * bug fix: redefining a function whose previous definition
contained an    unknown type no longer causes a style-warning.
(lp#806243)  * bug fix: undefined functions now appear in backtraces
as ("undefined    function") instead of ("bogus stack frame") on
non-x86oids.  * bug fix: backtraces are no longer cut off at
("undefined function") when    called under certain circumstances
(involving a caller-allocated stack    frame) on PPC.  * bug fix:
RUN-PROGRAM leaked a file-descriptor per call on non-Windows
systems. (regression since 1.0.53)  * bug fix: GC deadlocks from
dladdr() on certain platforms.  * bug fix: broken standard streams no
longer automatically cause recursive    errors on debugger entry.  *
bug fix: build ignored --dynamic-space-size= argument to make.sh
   (regression since 1.0.53)  * bug fix: attempts to stack allocate a
required argument to a function with    an external entry point caused
compiler-errors.  * bug fix: compiler notes for failed stack
allocation for a function argument    no longer claim to be unable to
stack allocate the function.  * bug fix: COERCE now signals a
type-error on several coercions to    subtypes of CHARACTER that are
forbidden according to ANSI. (lp#841312)  * bug fix: missing
failure-to-stack-allocate compiler notes for some    forms of
MAKE-ARRAY with dynamic-extent. (lp#902351)  * bug fix: some of the
compile-time side-effects of DEFCLASS were not caught    by package
Juho Snellman

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