Christophe Rhodes | 1 Dec 15:25 2012

sbcl-1.1.2 released

Dear all,

I have just done the release dance for sbcl-1.1.2; an x86-64/Linux
binary (and the source code) are now available at sourceforge.  The
release notes are appended to this message; please consume responsibly,
taking particular note of the new arrangements on Windows.

Best wishes,


changes in sbcl-1.1.2 relative to sbcl-1.1.1:
  * notice: System requirements for SBCL on Microsoft Windows: Windows NT 5.1
    or newer (Windows XP, Server 2003) is required.  Support for Windows 2000
    (NT 5.0) is no longer being maintained.
  * notice: Starting with this version, SBCL on Windows no longer supports
    building with disabled thread support.
  * enhancement: frlocks have been added to SB-CONCURRENCY contrib module.
  * enhancement: New feature sb-dynamic-core allows the runtime to be
    rebuilt or relocated without requiring changes to the core file on
    all linkage table platforms.  Required on Windows.  (Thanks to Anton
  * enhancement: Console I/O streams use UCS-2. (Thanks to Anton Kovalenko.)
  * enhancement: I/O on Windows unnamed pipes is interruptible
    asynchronously using interrupt-thread, timers when running on Windows NT
    version 6.1 or newer (Windows 7, Server 2008 R2).  (Thanks to Anton
  * enhancement: Support for the experimental safepoint-based stop-the-world
    protocol on the PowerPC platform.
  * bug fix: Non-blocking reads from the Windows console were not necessarily
    non-blocking. Thanks to Anton Kovalenko. (lp#308923)
  * bug fix: stability of threads on Windows has been improved upon through
    an updated stop-the-world protocol (thanks to Anton Kovalenko).

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