Roger Bohl (Sr. | 20 Jul 17:21 2012

Re: sending an email with a -bodyF parameter and pdf attachment

I'm not at the location where I have my (successful) attach file example,
but  try including the -debug command, which may reveal the problem in (as
I recall) a blatlog.txt file.  include -log blat.log

I found the following sample on this computer that my AllWay Sync program
had brought here:

    -to tim <at> blat.tld
    -f tim <at> blat.tld
    -s "Test Blat"
    -server localhost
    -log blat.log
    -x "X-Header-Test: Can Blat do it? Yes it Can!"

-subject "here is my pix"
-body "here is my pix"
-to me <at> ...
-f me <at> ...
-attach "...\my documents\pix.png"
-debug -log path\blat.log]

Ok, looking at the broken down command above.
The first option of "-" tells Blat to use something from the command
line for the message body (which is what you are reading here).

-subject "here is my pix"
This option tells Blat what to use for the message subject

-body "here is my pix"
this option is telling Blat what to put in the message body

-to me <at> ...
this is how you tell Blat who to send the message to

-f me <at> ...
The from address that Blat will use

The mail server you want Blat to connect to to send the message

-attach "...\my documents\pix.png"
How you attach your pix

-debug -log path\blat.log
Tells Blat to keep a log of what it is doing

Also, start with a sample attachment file in the blat directory.  I believe
-attach "attachfile" will work. It appears quotation marks are required.

If this works, but not an attachment in another directory, review the
posting re long file names, and file names with blanks in them.  I can help
here, too.

I'll be in a location later today where I have access to my notes and blat
directory, and may be able to provide more help.  I wish I could help more,
now, but I too am a newbie.  I got a lot of help from Chip, and am glad to
pass on the favor.  This is at least a level at which I have acquired some
knowledge -- just not in my head - its on paper

415-317-1344 (cell)
707-939-8459 after 4pm,PDT

On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 5:25 AM, firstl <mbraganca <at>> wrote:

> **
> I am trying to use blat 3.0.6 in a WINDOWS 7 environment.
> I have the following problem: when I send the command to blat an email
> with a text file as the body and an attachment of a pdf file (not password
> protected), the email goes out with the correct body but no attachment.
> I turned -debug on as well as -log.
> The output shows that blat recognized the attachment parameter, however
> there is no error as to why it failed to attach the pdf file (which exists).
> I have tries -attach, -attachi and -attacht all to no avail.
> Thanks
> MikeB

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