David Relson | 24 May 15:38 2003


Bogofilter version 0.13.2 has been released on SourceForge.

In addition to the usual source tarball and rpm, this release includes two 
(2) binary rpm packages:

bogofilter-0.13.2-1.i586.rpm contains dynamically linked binaries that 
require glibc-2.3.

bogofilter-static-0.13.2-1.i586.rpm contains statically linked binaries 
named bogofilter_static, bogolexer_static, bogoutil_static.  When 
installed, symlinks are created so old names ( bogofilter, bogolexer, and 
bogoutil ) can be used.

The big change for bogofilter-0.13.0 is in message parsing.  Improvements 
suggested by Paul Graham were tested, found to be useful, and have been 
added.  File RELEASE.NOTES-0.13 has more info.

Project page:  http://bogofilter.sourceforge.net/
Download page: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=62265


0.13.2	2003-05-24

	* Fixed defect in replace_nonascii_characters that was
	  superseding ignore_case option.
	* Build procedure for statically linked binaries has been improved.
	* Autoconfiguration of BerkeleyDB library has been improved.
	* Portability fix for efence usage in t.frame.

0.13.1	2003-05-23
	* Modified "make rpm" to also build statically linked binaries.
	  They're packaged in bogofilter-static-x.y.z-1.i586.rpm
	* Fixed bogofilter.spec.in to include files CHANGES-0.13 and
	  RELEASE.NOTES-0.13 which had been left out.

0.13.0	2003-05-21

     * Added file RELEASE.NOTES-0.13.  Read it!!!
     * Changed parsing defaults to:								
       -PI	ignore_case		(default is disabled)
       -Ph	header_line_markup 	(default is ensabled)
       -Pt	tokenize_html_tags 	(default is enabled)
     * contrib/randomtrain and contrib/scramble can now process
       both mbox and maildir formats.
     * Added perl script contrib/mime.get.rfc822 to extract
       forwaded messages from with a message.
     * Registration code modified to count unique tokens for each
       message and display the total of the counts.
     * Added 'bogo-what?' to FAQ.

FAQ: http://bogofilter.sourceforge.net/bogofilter-faq.html
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