Harish Badrinath | 11 Aug 15:37 2010

[deepOfix Development] Announcing deepOfix 3.4 rc4


         After a brief hiatus, we at DeeRootLinux are proud to announce the release of a new relelase candidate of deepOfix.

A high level overview of the upgrades are

(a) update to debian squeeze

(b) upgrade to kernel

(c) an upgraded Easypush Server Manager.

(b) vacation templates back in action in squirrel mail

(c) updated clam-av and samba

Hope this and upcoming releases add to an improved user ( includes end users, administrators,etc)

Please find ISO at http://download.deeproot.in/deepOfix-Mail-Server/testing/deepOfix-Mail-Server-v3.4rc4.iso

Have a great day

M.Harish Badri Nath.